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          Iron oxide red can also color wood chips

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          Iron oxide red is widely used as an industrial raw material, and the use of the product is still relatively large. Recently, some users have asked how to use iron oxide red to color wood chips:
          Iron oxide red is a kind of red iron oxide powder. There are two kinds of natural iron powder. Natural iron oxide red, we call it red, which is basically pure iron oxide. Due to different production methods and operating conditions, their crystal structures and physical properties are very different. The color and luster vary greatly from orange light to blue light to purple light.
          Iron oxide red has the characteristics of non-oil permeability and water permeability. The density is between 5 and 5.25. It has excellent light resistance, high temperature resistance, atmospheric resistance, fouling gas resistance, and all alkalis. Only gradually dissolves when heated in concentrated acid. When using iron oxide red to color the wood chips, you can operate according to the actual situation on the site. If you encounter any problems in the process, you can consult us.
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